Sincerity is hard. Cynicism and sarcasm are so much easier than genuinely admitting you care and deeply think about a thing. It is far easier to critique than create. I know this because sarcasm is a core part of my personality. It’s easy and satisfying in the moment. It makes you feel clever and validated, especially when it draws a laugh. But there’s a reason why I named this blog Honestly CeCe and not Sarcastically CeCe. Honesty is hard. It requires vulnerability. But that’s part of its value.

I am a thirty-something writer, marketing strategist, and spiritual seeker now living in Atlanta after a lifetime in New York. INFP. Aries. Secret cinnamon roll.

This blog is about seeking and stumbling and continuing on. Learning to bring thoughtfulness to all areas of life and not being afraid to speak your truth.

I write about lessons I’ve learned, books I love, spirituality, relationships, creativity, and my relationship to my body.

I love inspiring and hilarious memoirs, the lava-lamp swirl of milk into hot coffee, knitting while watching TV next to my fiance with our puppy snuggled against my legs, writing at my desk with my kitty curled up at my feet.