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My Natural Hair Journey: The First Four Months

Now that I’ve decided to transition from relaxed to natural hair, how is it actually going? It’s been about three and a half months since my last relaxer and let me tell you, it’s been a journey so far.

Months 1-2: On the Fence

These first two months barely count as transitioning because not only have I stretched relaxers this long in the past, I was still on the fence about whether I actually would transition. Though I was pinning natural-hair inspo to my Pinterest board, I was still thinking about it more as a post-wedding future rather than something I’d undertake immediately. It wasn’t really until around the end of the Month 2 that I made a real decision that this was going to be my life now, and swore off relaxers forever.

Month 3: We’re Really Doing This

Month three was probably the most exciting of my early transition journey. I’d just cancelled my last relaxer appointment and made the commitment to my natural hair. And since I’ve never done a lot of heat styling between relaxer appointments, I was really starting to see my baby curls grow in around my hairline. Every wash day revealed a little more length of cute little corkscrews that my fiancé would gently tug with an awed smile.

Month 4: Sh*t Gets Real

Towards the end of the third month and now into the fourth month of transitioning, I’m starting to really have to deal with multiple textures. Not just the straight versus curly division, but the differences in my curls across different areas. Around my front hairline, my baby curls are soft, tight corkscrews that easily lay flat with a bristle brush and some product. Around the back, at the nape of my neck, there’s almost no distinct curl. Just a cloud of poofy frizz that refuses to submit to taming. And then up at the crown of my head, my curls are coming in more kinky and coarse. It’s making me realize that I don’t know a damn thing about my own hair and as you can imagine, that’s pretty frustrating. But it’s not all bad! I’m starting to learn what works for me (at least right now).

What’s Working:

Carol’s Daughter products I know from experience that products can suddenly stop working for your hair depending on the season, the position of the sun, whether Mercury is in retrograde, or because your hair as developed a damn mind of its own and quits cooperating. But at the moment, I am a complete Carol’s Daughter devotee. I’m still using the super-moisturizing shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioner that I bought for my relaxed hair and it’s still working like a charm. I’ve added the hair growth spray and oil to my rotation to keep my scalp happy and healthy and fingers-crossed this combination continues to work for me because not only do I love what they’re doing, but I appreciate the brand’s natural-derived ingredients.

Pigtails, pineappling, and top-knots oh my. Since I’m not doing the big chop (or at least, not planning to at the moment) I need to keep my mostly-relaxed length in check and these three styles are my go to. On wash day, I’ll braid my wet hair back into pigtails, let them dry, and rock the braids for an extra day or two. Then, when I undo the braids, I sleep with my hair pineappled and rock a top knot or braids until wash day.

Bristle brushes. I literally have about four different bristle brushes, each of a different size and composition. Some of this is because as the length of my hair has varied from short to long and back over the last few years, I needed different brushes to smooth it all down. But also, I just love me a bristle brush and going natural has only intensified that love. Doing a scalp massage with some oil, my fingertips and a soft bristle brush takes me back to being a little kid, falling asleep as my mom brushed and braided my hair every night. So soothing.

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